Affordable, targeted message that creates a more personal impact.

Laurel Valley Graphics employs a vast array of strategies and processes to make your direct mail project successful at the lowest possible cost: standard (bulk) mailing service, database management & rental, lettershop services and electronic certifieds. Count on us to provide all the services required to prepare your documents for mailing and manage comprehensive mailing lists that can be tailored to your specifications. We are committed to processing your mail according to your instructions and getting it out on time. Contact us for all your direct mail services.

Direct Mail Benefits

  • Provides selectivity, enabling you to “target your market”
  • Encourages an immediate response
  • Offers a variety of formats and creative possibilities
  • Permits you to control the timing of your campaign
  • Creates a more personal impact
  • Tracking of mail through postal system
  • Can produce measurable results.

LVG Mailing Advantage

  • Immediate savings on postage
  • Improved mail service
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Direct delivery of mail to the Post Office
  • Elimination of addressing and processing errors
  • Automated sorting for additional postage savings
  • Accurate barcoding for quicker delivery
  • Pick-up service in most areas

Launching your next project is as easy as L-V-G.

The experts at Laurel Valley Graphics know how to deliver your message to all the right places.